Cancer: the good food and those to avoid really !

Cancer: the good food and those to avoid really !

Numerous food protects from the cancer while the others increase the risks by it. The point on some recent studies on the anti-cancer food and those whom it is better to avoid.

1. Cancer: no soft drink for the pancreas.

soda Cancer: the good food and those to avoid really !

Researchers of the University of Minnesota discovered a link between the consumption of soft drinks and the cancer of the pancreas. Having followed the health of 60 000 Indonesians, they realized that the persons who developed a cancer of the pancreas were also regular consumers of soft drinks. The researchers think that the strong rate of sugar of these drinks increases the rate of insulin made by the pancreas, what increases then the risk of development of cancer cells. The cancer of the pancreas is a part of the rarest cancers but it is one of the most mortal with a rate of survival in 5 years which is only 5 %.

2. Cancer: some green tea for your lungs.

green tea Cancer: the good food and those to avoid really !

To drink some green tea could reduce the risks of contracting a lung cancer even if you smoke. It is that revealed a study presented during a conference of the American Association for Cancer Result.The polyphenols of the green tea are powerful antioxidants, and the preparations with tea have already shown their capacity to prevent the formation of tumors.

For this study, the researchers examined the habits of 170 patients affected by lung cancer and by 340 healthy patients. The results showed that, every confused patients, those who do not consume green tea have five times more risk of contracting a lung cancer with regard to those who consume at least a cup a day. Among the smokers, the risk is twelve times as raised .

3. Cancer: no carrots for the smokers.

Smokers Cancer: the good food and those to avoid really !

A study carried out in Israel showed that the more we consume of caroténoïdes, the less the risks of cancer of the colon are raised. However, at the regular smokers, we observe an opposite effect: the caroténoïdes of fruits and vegetables would favor the appearance of cancers of the colon. So, the smokers should be informed that the beneficial potential effects of an important consumption of fruits and vegetables are hindered by a regular consumption of tobacco.

In this study, it was turned out that it exists an inverse relation enters the consumption of caroténoïdes and the risks of colorectal cancer. However, the reduced addiction to smoking significantly even knocks down this effect on the base protector of the ingestion of caroténoïdes on the risks of colorectal cancer.

4. Cancer: do not skimp on the turmeric.

turmeric Cancer: the good food and those to avoid really !

The turmeric and the pepper are studied for a long time as potential treatments against the cancer, but a new study lets hear for the first time that these spices could prevent the cancer by aiming specifically at stem cells.

The researchers of the center of cancer research of the university from Michigan to the United States discovered that when the curcumine, a chemical element being in the turmeric, and the pipérine, which results from the black pepper, are added to a cell culture, the number of stem cells is reduced whereas the normal cells  are saved. The researchers consider that the elimination of the cancerous stem cells and the reduction of the number of normal cells are essential in the fight against the cancer. The pipérine strengthens the effects of the curcumine, and both elements stop the process of renewal of the cancerous stem cells.

5. Cancer: avoid the salt of the butchery.

butchery Cancer: the good food and those to avoid really !

Certain butchery would favor the appearance of the cancer of the colon: it is the conclusion of a study presented in July by researchers of the National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA) for Toulouse. By being interested in the link between consumption of  pork-butchery and cancers of the colon, the researchers discovered that 4 gathered factors  that are: the coloring of the butchery, the addition of nitrites, the cooking and the oxidation, could provoke a significant increase of the precancerous hurts at the level of the colon. Cancer: THE INRA reminds that 100 new persons are affected by a cancer of the colon every day.

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