The top 10 of the most frequent causes of rupture..

The top 10 of the most frequent causes of rupture..

Cosmo’s British version asked to 1400 women to give the reasons of their last rupture to make a classification.

img081 The top 10 of the most frequent causes of rupture..

Little are the ones who have never lived on rupture. Leaving of this report, the British version of the women’s magazine Cosmo questioned 1 400 women to know the reasons of their last rupture. If some are logical and known, the others are nevertheless more surprising.

10th – The sex is one of the most wide-spread causes of break. So, they are 15,7 % to have broken because their partner was not really a stallion under the braid.

9th – The problems of agreement with the family and the friends are crippling for 18,9 % of the women. To estimate the mother-in-law or the best friend can thus be sensible if you want to keep your lady-love.

8th – A move caused the break of a couple to 20,2 % of the questioned women. The remote relations are not really their cup of tea.

7th – The career is something important for certain women, so much that they do not support the fact that their man does not want to evolve professionally. For 20,6 % of the women, this lack of ambition is a cause of rupture.

6th – To keep your soul a sister, know sirs to preserve your romantic side on the alert. 21,1 % of the women broke because their spouse did not pay any more attention on them.

5th – Equally (21,1 %) with the romanticism comes the desire to be single. Indeed, there is only the men who sometimes want to meet free to pick up and to seduce as they think best. The women also want to be able to live alone when they want it.

4th – By means of quarrels, 29,1 % concluded that they were not made to live with their companion at that time.

3rd – The confidence is something important for a woman. So, they are 29,7 % to have already ended a relation because she did not rely any more on their man, or because he had lied.

2nd – 36,6 % of the women broke because their companion was unfaithful. A result which does not arrange the reputation of the men…

1st – It can seem commonplace, but the lake of love arrives at the top of this poll  39,7 % of the questioned women explained to have already broken for this motive.

To note that among the given answers arrives in good position the fact that the man wanted to cross in the superior stage in the relation but not the woman (12,7 %). The opposite is less common on the other hand (9,1 %). Finally sirs, do not be too sticky and do not look at too many porn movies, because some make a motive for break.

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