Forget nothing in the hotel!

Forget nothing in the hotel!

Who says hotel room says inevitably various lapses of memory : a book, a shirt, a hairbrush … On the whole rather common objects up to here. Because you go to see that sometimes, objects forgotten in hotels are of hallucinating nature.

hotel001 Forget nothing in the hotel!

Big winner among objects most often found in hotel rooms after departure of the occupants: the sex toy! Hey yes, forget excess classic books or clothes. Apparently, in the hotel, we play more with a sex toy that we read the last one Houellebecq.

hotel002 Forget nothing in the hotel!

Just behind sex toys, we find, in the forgotten absurd objects, dentures and other false teeth. Not so original as it, do you think? These objects, in themselves, are not effectively so improbable as it. We just wonderhow their owners can do without it! Other forgotten object, this stranger time: books written in unknown languages. The chambermaids find so, sometimes, of funny books, old and mysterious, which seem to contain profound secrets, way Da Vinci Code. Strange …

The hotelkeepers find regularly some money forgotten in their rooms. When they are only 5 or 10 euro, it has nothing exceptional. But when the sums border 50.000 euro in cash, we just wonder how his owner was able to forget such a saving and especially we wonder what was its job and if these 50.000 euro have something to do with the stickup having had just place in front of the hotel …

hotel003 Forget nothing in the hotel!

Last “unusual” forgetting most frequently found by the services of rooms of hotels: animals!  It is not rare that the women and the men of service find a cat, a dog, a tortoise abandoned! It is terrifying, but we say to ourselves that the small animals in question can be easily taken care. It is very different when the hotelkeepers find in a bathtub
a shark!

hotel1 Forget nothing in the hotel!

Having read what precedes, it is certain that each of us is going to pay very attention before leaving its room

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