The Earth will count 2,2 billion Internet users before 2013..the story began in 1962..

The Earth will count 2,2 billion Internet users before 2013..the story began in 1962..

The conference held at the Washington Hilton in October 1972 wasn’t meant to jump-start a revolution. Staged for a technological elite, its purpose was to showcase a computer-linking scheme called ARPANET, a new kind of network that had been developed under military auspices to help computer scientists share information and enable them to harness the processing power of distant machines. Traffic on the system was still very light, though, and many potential users thought it was too complex to have much of a future.

internethistory1 The Earth will count 2,2 billion Internet users before 2013..the story began in 1962..
In the 1990s the World Wide Web, an application designed to ride on top of TCP/IP, accelerated expansion of the Internet to avalanche speed. Conceived by Tim Berners-Lee, a British physicist working at the CERN nuclear research facility near Geneva, it was the product, he said, of his “growing realization that there was a power in arranging ideas in an unconstrained, weblike way.” He adopted a venerable computer sciences idea called hypertext—a scheme for establishing nonlinear links between pieces of information—and came up with an architectural scheme for the Internet era. His World Wide Web allowed users to find and get text or graphics files—and later video and audio as well—that were stored on computers called servers. All the files had to be formatted in what he termed hypertext markup language (HTML), and all storage sites required a standardized address designation called a uniform resource locator (URL). Delivery of the files was guided by a set of rules known as the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), and the system enabled files to be given built-in links to other files, creating multiple information paths for exploration.

internethistory3 The Earth will count 2,2 billion Internet users before 2013..the story began in 1962..

By the beginning of the year, more than 200 computers in dozens of institutions have been connected in CSNET. BITNET, another startup network, is based on protocols that include file transfer via e-mail rather than by the FTP procedure of the ARPA protocols.

internethistory6 The Earth will count 2,2 billion Internet users before 2013..the story began in 1962..

I worked with a similar computer in the 1980, it was an Hewlett Packard (that I always possess!) with Windows 3.1, a hard disk of megas 50, two disc drive units of 5 inches 1/4, and of a 620 kilo memory bytes! It was endowed with  a fluorescent cathode-ray screen of 8 inches with a single green color !

internethistory2 The Earth will count 2,2 billion Internet users before 2013..the story began in 1962..

UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science — the birthplace of the Internet– hosted a special forum commemorating the 35th Anniversary of the Internet.

In 1969, the first Internet message was sent from computer science Professor Leonard Kleinrock’s laboratory at UCLA, ushering in a new method of global communications that forever changed the course of business, politics, entertainment, education, law and social interaction.

To celebrate this historic event, a special day-long forum took place on Friday, October 29, 2004 at UCLA’s Northwest Campus Auditorium. Some of the Internet’s early pioneers, as well as many of its rising stars took a closer look at how the Internet came to be what it is today, and what it will be like tomorrow.
The cabinet of studies Forrester has just published its forecasts on the growth of the Internet manners by 2013 for the whole planet. Among the most considerable, let us quote the fact that in less than five years, there will be more Internet users in China than in the United States.

Internet02 The Earth will count 2,2 billion Internet users before 2013..the story began in 1962..

In 2013, the number of Internet users in the world will pass in 2,2 billions against 1,5 today, is an increase of 45 %. Counting a quarter of the world Internet users, Europe is classified on the second place behind Asia. Today near an European on two lives in one of the following 5 countries: the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. The penetration of Internet and the growth rates vary there considerably, passing of 69 % in the United Kingdom in 2008 in 49 % in Italy. In 2013, the Internet users in the United Kingdom will be 48,7 millions (that is a rate of 81 % penetration) against 41,3 millions (69 %) today. In Germany, this number will cross(spend) 56,2 (68 %) in 62,5 millions (76 %) and in France of 37,2 (60 %) in 45,9 millions (73 %).

Asia will remain the main engine of this growth. 43 % of the connected world population will live there in 2013, among which 17 % in China where the growth rate of the number of Internet users will be 11 % on average a year. As a result of which, there will be, in 2013, more Internet users than in the United States. The number of Internet users in India will be respectively upper to that of Japan, Germany and Brazil.

52 million active Internet users in India!

The number of active users of Internet in September, 2009 amounts to 52 millions; he(it) amounted to 42 millions in September, 2008 is a 19 % increase in one year. 36 % of these users arise from medium-sized(of medium height) cities such as Kolhâpur ( 500.000 inhabitants), Thrissur and Panipat. The privileged modes of connection are first of all cybercafes, comes then the internet access to the work. A quarter of the worn connect from their home and 2 million Indians use their motive(mobile) to browse the Web.

This increase of the number of users explains by the growth of the network and the distribution of the manners in the less easy  sectors of society. A big part(party) of these Internet users are students in university and in school, an important imbalance exists between the proportion of men(people) and women reaching internet. The consumption evolved too, so we are crossed of 9. 3 hours(am) by weeks at 15.7 am a week. This more important consumption explains by the appearance of innovative contents and the entertaining consumption of Internet understanding
the download, the access to the social networks and to the sites of blogging microcomputing.

An effort must be however made to facilitate the access of the Internet users to contents in vernacular language Subho Ray announced the president of the IAMAI, it is that Google  already strives moreover to make.

Report: Rural India overtakes Urbanites ! via @trakin

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The number of Chinese Internet users will be in a half-billion..

internautes chinois

Internet users’ Chinese community does not stop increasing every year even if the country is already in the first world rank concerning the number of Internet users. Qian Xiaoqian, Vice Minister of the Office  of the information of the advice of the affairs of state has just announced yesterday in March 25th which ” the Web Chinese, the most numerous community to the world, should reach the half-billion Internet users before two or three years.

This Chinese senior official considers that the number of Chinese Internet users is going to be more enlarged thanks to the newcomers of the rural zones. According to him, ” three quarters of the newcomers will be native of rural zones “. it is to note that at the moment, the number of Chinese Internet users exceeds 380 millions in spite of the various censorships in the country. On this subject, it is to know that Google has just raised the censorship in China, the giant search engine decided on Monday evening to redirect the Chinese Internet users towards Hong-Kong, its servers will be based there.

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