What theme are you using here ? I …

What theme are you using here ? I …

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What theme are you using here ? I really like the style. Thanks for the posting.

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  1. Can not wait for the next round to start :) They should pay those security people though…

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  4. Messi plays all over the place. Messi has been part of a Barcelona attack with Eto’o and Henry that has scorched other La Liga defenses to ashes, and he’s close behind Ronaldo. So why exactly do I believe that Ronaldo could be the far better player?

  5. Hey great post, looking forward to the next one :)

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  7. What theme are you using here ? I really like the style. Thanks for the posting.

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    Wayne’s a bit of a comedian signing again to United after all that fuss, he wants to remember he’s Wayne Rooney, not Mickey :-)

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