Living in Cemetry

Living in Cemetry

How would it be like living amongst the dead? How would it be like having the graveyard converted to a home? This is exactly the case with almost 10000 families in Philippines. It would be interesting to hear about this fact that there are close to 10000 families of Filipino origin living in cemetery in the northern town in Manila. One would be obliged to call them funny people, but it could be like an accident that they made it their home. It is also quite interesting to see people living in mausoleums and the best places to see this would be Manila and no other city. Interestingly, they have made their homes on top of the graves of their grandparents.  It could be attributed to the economic condition of the people that may have prompted them to take up graves as their homes or it might be their inability to find a good home which might have prompted them to do so.

110 Living in Cemetry

21 Living in Cemetry

31 Living in Cemetry

41 Living in Cemetry

51 Living in Cemetry

61 Living in Cemetry

71 Living in Cemetry

81 Living in Cemetry

91 Living in Cemetry

10 Living in Cemetry

111 Living in Cemetry

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