Too many people in the little swimming pool

Too many people in the little swimming pool

This time I’m talking about…let’s call it fun-water shortage. A massive heat-wave hit China these last few days, and temperatures soared to an alarming 40 degrees Celsius. So what were the poor Chinese people to do, under these circumstances? Find a place to cool of, of course, and what’s better than a swim at the local swimming pool, right? Well, that’s just not the case for the people of Nanjing, who barely had enough room to tread water at this over-crowded swimming pool. The Daily Mail thinks this might just be the most crowded swimming pool in the world and I tend to agree. But then again, what do you expect in a country with a population of over one billion?

pool1 Too many people in the little swimming pool

pool2 Too many people in the little swimming pool

pool3 Too many people in the little swimming pool

pool4 Too many people in the little swimming pool

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