The House made of newspaper

The House made of newspaper

Who said newspapers are only good for reading?This ingenious project was built with the help of over 1000 participants, some who provided the newspapers and others helping in rolling them out. This original idea belongs to artist Summer Erek and it was built for Creative City. Here’s what the artist had to say about his project: “We all believed that moving into the digital era would diminish the use of paper. On the contrary, there seems to be a resurgence of printed material and newspapers, much of it free and everywhere – yet we don’t think much about where paper comes from and where it goes after we’ve used it. Newspapers pile up in our houses, lie on the streets and on public transport. The issue is not likely to disappear ; we must find creative ways to deal with it. We are urged to consume without thinking about how to discard. The first step is inviting people to think about and value the material itself, and to consider the issue of “waste”.

newspaper1 The House made of newspaper

newspaper2 The House made of newspaper

newspaper3 The House made of newspaper

newspaper4 The House made of newspaper

newspaper5 The House made of newspaper

newspaper6 The House made of newspaper

newspaper7 The House made of newspaper

newspaper8 The House made of newspaper

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