I think your blog is an excellent discovery!. …

I think your blog is an excellent discovery!. …

Comment posted on The idea of the river at the kitchen table by Roxie Riva

I think your blog is an excellent discovery!. I invite you to the Polymer Clay website. Keep on doing this GREAT JOB!!! Regards

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  10. Same thing happened to my custom made, rosewood, imported dining table. Right down the middle where the runner was there is a dark area surrounded by the lighter color caused by the sun. Take a hike to the home improvement store and look for Howard’s Restore A Finish in the wood tone of the table. I had to use the mahogany because it was the closest to the rosewood. Apply and leave it on for several days to let it fully soak into the wood. Then buff off the excess with a soft cloth (hubby’s t-shirts work well). I had to do this several times before the color was fully restored. I now have a piece of glass that has UVB/UVA protection sitting on top of the entire 96 long table to protect it and have had the window tinted to protect the side legs facing that window.

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