Death Star Lunar Hotel

Death Star Lunar Hotel

Located in Baku, Azerbaijan, these futuristic architecture consists of three iconic urban building including Hotel Full Moon, Full Moon Bay, and Hotel Crescent.Facing the Caspian Sea, the buildings are named Hotel Full Moon – a disc with rounded edges and a hole in one of the top corners – and Hotel Crescent, a curving arch similar to a crescent moon – and will mark out an area appropriately named Full Moon Bay. Designed to appear drastically different from different viewing angles – from one angle Death Star and from the other Gherkin – Hotel Full Moon will be a 150 meter-high, 35 story luxury hotel with 382 large rooms.death star lunar hotel1 Death Star Lunar Hotel

death star lunar hotel4 Death Star Lunar Hotel

death star lunar hotel3 Death Star Lunar Hotel

death star lunar hotel5 Death Star Lunar Hotel

death star lunar hotel2 Death Star Lunar Hotel

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