Hollywood Sand Sculptures

Hollywood Sand Sculptures

Sand Sculpture is a versatile medium that allows you to create a sculpture measured in meters in the space of a week that could easily take a year in another medium. The process is so simple that sand sculptures can be constructed anywhere and allow passers by to be able to view the entire creative process and enjoy the result for months afterwards.The surface of a sand sculpture is protected against the rain and wind, and the use of building sand makes the sculpture robust. If you are a festival then you may like a demonstration sand sculpture, or for something more impressive and robust; an exhibition sand sculpture. Have a go yourself with a sand sculpture workshop or corporate teambuilding activity. For something smaller and more affordable consider a tabletop sand sculpture.sand13 Hollywood Sand Sculptures

sand21 Hollywood Sand Sculptures

sand31 Hollywood Sand Sculptures

sand41 Hollywood Sand Sculptures

sand51 Hollywood Sand Sculptures

sand6 Hollywood Sand Sculptures

sand71 Hollywood Sand Sculptures

sand81 Hollywood Sand Sculptures

sand9 Hollywood Sand Sculptures

sand101 Hollywood Sand Sculptures

sand111 Hollywood Sand Sculptures

sand121 Hollywood Sand Sculptures

sand131 Hollywood Sand Sculptures

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