Proposed Louis Vuitton Flagship Store in Japan

Proposed Louis Vuitton Flagship Store in Japan

UNStudio, a Dutch architecture firm has been commisioned by LVMH to design Louis Vuitton’s flagship store in Japan  which is a futuristic 10-storey landmark building that consists of retail space, café, spa, bookstore, as well as an event and exhibition space. UNStudio aims to establish an architectural equivalent of the identity of Louis Vuitton in which classical and modern qualities are blended, reinforcing each other.UN1 Proposed Louis Vuitton Flagship Store in Japan

UN2 Proposed Louis Vuitton Flagship Store in Japan

The elements that represent the classical values connected to the Louis Vuitton brand are implicitly present throughout the design. These elements are to a large extent identical to the modernity also implicit in the name Louis Vuitton, along with the value of inventiveness. The element that moves through all the scale levels of the design is the leaf shape. The leaf is found in the floor plan, in the section and in the elevation. It has been applied to the construction also, responding to location-specific constructional demands. Leaf-shaped openings in the façade give the building a strong identity with landmark potential, while complying with the necessity for discreetness with respect to visibility from the outside. The leaf shape can be seen as bearing a connection to the famous Louis Vuitton monogram.

UN3 Proposed Louis Vuitton Flagship Store in Japan

The building follows the structure of a grand house: with three levels, each spanning a varying number of split-level floors and each with its own atmosphere and purpose. Each floor is in principle divided into four leaves, which are set in a spiral pattern with a height difference between each leaf of 2.70 meters. Terrace zones, which offer a mix of functions in a garden setting, mark the different vertical sections of the house, with the sense of intimacy growing towards the top of the building.

UN4 Proposed Louis Vuitton Flagship Store in Japan

UN6 Proposed Louis Vuitton Flagship Store in Japan

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