Dynamic Tower

Dynamic Tower

The Dynamic Tower (also known as Dynamic Architecture Building or the Da Vinci Tower) is a proposed 420-metre 80-floor tower in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.The tower is expected to be architecturally innovative for several reasons:Uniquely, each floor will be able to rotate independently.This will result in a constantly changing shape of the tower. Each floor will rotate a maximum of 6 metres per minute, or one full rotation in 90 minutes.It will also be the world’s first prefabricated skyscraper with 40 factory-built modules for each floor. 90% of the tower will be built in a factory and shipped to the construction site.This will allow the entire building to be built in only 22 months.The only part of the tower that will be built at the construction site will be the core.Part of this prefabrication will be the decrease in cost and number of workers (90 instead of 2,000 needed).The total construction time will be more than 30% less than a normal skyscraper of the same size.The majority of the workers will be in factories, where it will be much safer.The modules will be preinstalled including kitchen and bathroom fixtures. The core will serve each floor with a special, patented connection for clean water, based on technology used to refuel airplanes in mid-flight.

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